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Outstanding customer service has always been the focus of our business. That, alongside commissioning bespoke technology and individual solutions to meet the ever-changing requirements of two-way hand-portable radio uses.

hand-portable radios for leisure centres and sports centre staff

Sports, Leisure & Hotels

With a busy team often working shifts you need radio equipment hire that can perform long hours. There is no need to have a two-way radio the size of a brick hanging off your tracksuit! Sussex Communications can provide smaller, compact lightweight two-way radios just as feature-rich as some of the more complex radio equipment on the market at a very competitive portable radio rentals price.

hand-portable radios for warehouse teams

Warehouse & Distribution

Lone-worker, hands-free operation and man-down are all features that we are experienced at handling through two-way PMR business radios. We work with warehouse managers and their procedures using hand-portable radios to help protect the health and safety of everyone throughout the premises. For example we set up the lone-worker feature on radios in a cold food distribution warehouse to avoid any highly dangerous incidents of a worker being shut in a fridge by mistake.

hand-portable radios for shops and retailers


From small local shopping parades to large city centres and malls, mobile radios make retail situations a lot more manageable. Whether a local shopwatch or pubwatch scheme or a business crime reduction partnership we believe communication is key to a thriving and safety-conscious community. 

hand portable radios for security teams


We have premises and covert close protection security radios for hire. After conducting our professional survey, we will provide you with the right two-way radio equipment hire package. We work with international companies such as 3e global security and G4s along with national companies such as Guarding UK and Bauer Security that provide high level personal and premises protection. We are also very experienced with event security companies eg. Invictus Security or onsite premises door staff that use security radios for nightclubs and licensed premises.

waterproof hand-portable radio hire for garden centre teams

Garden Centres

2 way radios are tested and designed to withstand drops, falls, rain, dust and mud thus giving you peace of mind in any situation where different types of environments are a daily occurrence. Often tested to military standards, two-way radios are designed for commercial business use to be a powerful work tool.

two-way radios for schools


With young people in your care you are responsible for ensuring that you have a reliable staff communications system in place to manage events, fire procedures and emergencies as well as day to day two way radio communications for maintenance and office enquiries. We work with colleges, high schools, primary schools and specialist schools across Sussex. We see how large some of these education buildings can be and how our radios make a lot of people’s jobs so much easier whilst also improving efficiency.

We make efforts to understand the varying needs of our customers before they go ahead and rent or buy two way radios. Learn about licenced radios.