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Rugged Two Way RadioYou have been given the responsibility to buy two way radios. You have looked at where to buy walkie talkies and you have found out lots about two way radios in the market place and seen a multitude of commercial two way radio manufacturers and two-way radio solution companies. So now you are even more confused than when you started! You now find yourself asking a huge range of questions from how do you even start looking, how do you stay on budget and what do you even look for? Do you even need licenced two way business PMR radios?


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Two Way Radio Help

Allow us to support you starting with talking about why you need to buy two way radios and then we can arrange an onsite survey to see which radio equipment would suit the situation. Onsite set-up provides peace of mind and we also provide continuing aftersales two way radio support. We are just a phone call away.

Did you know that ‘walkie talkies’ are ‘out of the box’ unlicensed PMR 446 two way radio equipment that are deliberately low powered to reduce their range?

Sussex Communications provide commercial PMR two-way business licenced radio equipment to purchase.
That might sound a bit formal, but it just means the radio equipment needs an Ofcom business licence, then you have access to a powerful 5 Watts of transmission (hand-portables) that’s over 4 times the power of an unlicensed walkie-talkie for two way radios with a much longer range.

Two way radios are tested and designed to withstand drops, falls, rain, dust and mud thus giving you peace of mind in any situation. Mobile phones are not as durable. If you drop your phone there is a high chance of breaking it. Walkies talkies are often made with fixed moulded parts that are not replaceable and repairable.

Two Way Radio WaterproofBuy Ofcom Radio Licence

Don’t worry if you do not have a licence as we can make an application on your behalf.

Do you already hold an Ofcom Business Radio Licence? Or does the site have an existing Ofcom licence. Just let us know and we can assist you.

Have you thought about buying two way radio equipment as Sussex Communications can provide radio equipment, program it with your Ofcom licence and the radios will be ready to use.

Two Way Radio for your Needs

Two way radio solutions and the best two way radio equipment to ensure the radio equipment is water proof, robust and dust proof often tested to military standards. Two way radio features of lone-worker, handsfree operation and man-down, stun / kill / revive are all issues that we are experienced at resolving.

Motorola Two Way Radios WPLN4212A

You can purchase handportable commercial grade business two way radios or vehicle mounted two-way mobiles or desk top base station (two-way mobile).

We can provide two-way radio equipment for temporary set-ups for events such as fairs, parades, sporting events, open air concerts etc. Or for more permanent set up like shopwatch or pubwatch where the two way radio infrastructure including a repeater can have a range of up to 4 miles depending on the terrain and landscape.

We can provide 2–way radio packages from Motorola, Icom, Kenwood and Vertex Standard including the popular models the Motorola DP-series, Icom marine radios, Kenwood TK-series or Nexedge and the Vertex Standard EVX series.

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Business, Security, Shopping Centres, Sports, Construction, Warehouses, Special Events, Adventurers, TV Projects - whatever the purpose, Sussex Communications can help with two way radio purchase and sales.