Two Way Radio for Warehouse

Warehouse Two Way RadioWho they are
Paladone began life in 1994 as a small novelty gift company. Now, they deliver trend-based, innovative, beautifully designed and packaged gifts and merchandise to over 80 countries across the globe. Their mission is to create the best gift products and deliver them to customers with an unrivalled customer focussed service.

Where they are
With offices around the world they have a UK base in Brighton West Sussex.

The situation that needed to be improved
Paladone contacted Sussex Communications with a view to upgrade their existing two-way radio equipment for the warehouse. The communications from the analogue radio equipment was not providing the quality that Paladone required for its staff to operate efficiently.

Paladone products using business two way radios from Sussex Communications

The solution that Sussex Communications delivered
Sussex Communications provided Vertex digital two-way commercial radios model EVX-S24. These super powered two way radios (walkie talkies) are waterproof and perfect for the outdoor environment that the warehouse staff find themselves operating in. From the fork lift drivers unloading lorries in the delivery areas, to front of house sales, these small compact two-way business radios provide simple clear audio communications.

What Paladone say about us..

“Having requested Sussex Communications to visit Paladone to assess our current two way radio system and provide us with a long term solution, Dean demonstrated the improvements that have been made in the two way radio industry since our last purchase, and it was very quickly recognised that the switch to digital was a necessity for us to operate both effectively and safely. Once we made our decision on the radio that best suited us after several demonstrations of various makes and models the purchase and delivery was very quick and our high expectations were met. The advice solution we received has proved very effective. Thank you Dean and Sussex Communications.”

EVX S24D Digital hand portable radioPRODUCTS:

Sussex Communications presented the Vertex EVX S24D two way business radio to Paladone.


Sussex Communications presented the Vertex Standard EVX S24D Digital hand portable radio to Paladone.

The Vertex Standard is our smallest digital two way business radio.

The EVX S24D is water submersible up to 1M for 30 minutes.

Waterproof for work in outdoor environments.


Contact us to purchase the Vertex EVX S24D two way business radio.