Two Way Radio for Town Centre Security

Shopwatch and Pubwatch Schemes

Town Security Two Way RadioWho they are
Worthing Shopwatch and Worthing Pubwatch is a Business Crime Reduction Partnership run by the Worthing Town Centre Initiative in association with the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships and Sussex Police.

Where they are
Worthing town centre, West Sussex

Sussex Communications presented the Icom IC-F2000D Digital hand portable radio as the solution for Worthing Town Initiative

The situation that needed to be improved
Starting with a few security guards who wanted to communicate with each other across the town in the early part of 2005 Sussex Communications has been a constant partner with the growth of this Worthing Town Centre Initiative from the beginning. Growing into a fully fledged crime partnership with Sussex police.

The solution that Sussex Communications delivered
Working closely with the Worthing Town Centre Initiative this scheme has been growing steadily over the past decade. The shopwatch and pubwatch communities combining their shared information to make a complete town centre approach to create a safer Worthing.

Sussex Communications provides a mixture of two-way radio equipment to purchase outright. With a town centre wide two-way radio network operating through a business two way radio repeater Sussex Communications provides 24/7 support and maintenance to the scheme.

Keeping Worthing up to date with the latest technology, Sussex Communications upgraded the whole town to digital handheld business two-way radio units in 2017.

The main office has a desktop mobile two-way radio unit supplied with a handheld speaker- microphone. The screen on the mobile unit allows the office management to see the user ID of each of the handheld radios as they transmit.


Icom 2000D Digital by Sussex Communications

Sussex Communications presented the Icom IC-F2000D Digital hand portable radio as the solution for Worthing Town Initiative.


The small, compact two way business radio is waterproof and dust proof tested to IP67.

Designed to withstand harsh conditions this robust two-way radio is programmable to an Ofcom business radio frequency with many optional added features to suit your situation such as stun/ kill/ revive, PTT ID, Emergency call, mandown or lone worker.

Long lasting waterproof battery with up to 18 hours operation on a rapid 3.5-hour charge.

Standard Icom 2-pin socket for various headsets, earpieces or speaker microphones that you require.


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