Two Way Radio for School

School Two Way RadioWho they are
St Johns school and College provides the very best care and educational facilities for young children and supports young people with learning disabilities.

Find out more about St John’s and the great work they do there.

St John's School

Where they are
Seaford and Brighton East Sussex UK

The situation that needed to be improved
Multiple buildings across the site including education buildings and domestic sleeping areas. Poor two-way radio coverage, difficult landscape over the South Downs to provide communications. Existing two-way radios coming to the end of their economic life span.

The solution that Sussex Communications delivered
Sussex communications recommended an upgraded to purchase digital two-way radio equipment to increase the range of clear audio. Small lightweight compact two way radio handportable. With a screen for display of multi channels. Using the multiple channels each building has is own channel so can be called separately and not disturb the other users.

Motorola SL 600 Digital


Sussex Communications presented the Motorola SL1600 Digital hand portable radio for St Johns School.


This two way business radio is programmable to your Ofcom business radio frequency.

This ultra slim two way radio has the feel of a mobile phone with the robust chassis and casing of a commercial radio.

With a unique display built within the casing you can see which channel you are using without the worry of scratching a screen.


Contact us to purchase the Icom IC-F2000 two way business radio.