Two Way Radio for Retail

Who they are
The Blenheim Centre is a successful mixed use development comprising of retail, leisure and residential, located in the heart of the community.

Where they are
Hounslow, South East England, West of London near Heathrow

The situation that needed to be improved
Two way radios with a poor coverage on low powered units.

The solution that Sussex Communications delivered
Sussex Communications recommended moving across to an Ofcom business licenced two-way radio frequency to provide an increased transmission level through the structure of the building. The licenced commercial business two way radio recommended provided a cost- effective entry level two way PMR radio network across the centre.

What the Blenheim Centre say about us

Blenheim Centre retail customers of Sussex Communications

“The Sussex Communications Icom radios are a fantastic way to communicate with my retailers and centre team, the radios ensure we can respond quickly and efficiently 24 hours a day. Sussex Communications offers competitive prices and friendly customer service, with great aftercare.”


Sussex Communications presented the Icom IC-F2000 two way business radio to the Blenheim Centre.

Icom IC-F2000 two way business radio from Sussex Communications


This range of analogue radios in both UHF or VHF is waterproof and dust proof tested up to IP67.

Designed to withstand harsh conditions this robust two-way radio is programmable to an Ofcom business radio frequency.

Long lasting waterproof battery with up to 14 hours operation.

Large loud speaker for clear audio.

Standard Icom 2-pin socket for various headsets, earpieces or speaker microphones that you require.


Contact us to purchase the Icom IC-F2000 two way business radio.