Two Way Radio for Hotel in Brighton

Hotel Two Way Radio

Who they are

The Grand Brighton is an iconic Victorian hotel standing proud on Brighton’s seafront. With years of English heritage this property is a prominent feature of the English coast. With beautiful rooms and views across the sea.

Where they are

The independent hotel is conveniently located in central Brighton just 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport, 1 hour from Central London and just a stone’s throw away from the famous Lanes and Royal Pavilion. This luxury Brighton hotel is the perfect base from which to make the most of this exciting Sussex city by the sea.

The situation that needed to be improved

The Grand, Brighton Hotel

Low powered two-way radio equipment that was unable to provide full coverage within this solidly constructed historical building.

The solution that Sussex Communications delivered

Sussex Communications technicians carried out a full onsite survey of all seven floors, including the basement and the lift area. Sussex Communications recommended a digital commercial business licenced two- way radio. Providing The Grand, Brighton with a demonstration of the proposed two-way PMR business radios, Sussex Communications was able to ensure that the transmission of the digital two way radio handportables reached all areas including the basement and the lift. Digital two way radio handsets can be compact and lightweight and are perfect for the hotel staff to keep in contact for the smooth running of operations.


Icom 2000D Digital by Sussex Communications

Sussex Communications presented the Icom IC-F2000D Digital hand portable radios as the solution for The Grand in Brighton.


The small, compact two way business radio is waterproof and dust proof tested to IP67.

Designed to withstand harsh conditions this robust two-way radio is programmable to an Ofcom business radio frequency with many optional added features to suit your situation such as stun/ kill/ revive, PTT ID, Emergency call, mandown or lone worker.

Long lasting waterproof battery with up to 18 hours operation on a rapid 3.5-hour charge.

Standard Icom 2-pin socket for various headsets, earpieces or speaker microphones that you require.


Contact us to purchase the Icom IC-F2000D Digital hand portable radio.