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Motorola CM-140, CM-160, CM-340, CM-360

Mobile series Vehicle or Desktop Fixed Base Two Way Mobile Radio

Motorola CM-140, CM-160, CM-340 and CM-360 Two Way Vehicle or desktop radios brought to you by Sussex Communications.

CM140 – The entry-level model in the series – a compact 8 channel two way radio.

CM160 – The Incorporating a menu screen the CM160 also has 64 channels and DTMF live Dial using the keypad microphone.

CM340 – All the features of the CM140 with PL/5 tone, plus data capability.

CM360 – All the features of the CM140 with PL/5 tone, plus data capability.

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•Selective calls

•Hi/Lo power selection

•Emergency mode

•Call Tone Tagging allowing the user to select one of 8 alert tones

•Repeater Talkaround

•Radio-to-Radio clone


•64 channels

•Menu controlled

•Emergency mode

•Programmable buttons on radio

•Further 3 programable buttons on keypad mic

•Fast menu scroll

•1 line 8 character alphanumeric display

•9 icons on display

CM340 – As per the CM140 with the addition of:

•PL/5 tone signalling

•Data capability

CM360 – As per the CM160 with the addition of:

•PL/5 tone signalling

•Data capability

Standard Package Comprises

CM140 & CM160:


•Mag One Microphone


•Mounting Bracket

•Power cable

•User guide

•Manufacturer’s Warranty for 1 year from the date of delivery.

CM340 & CM360:


•Compact Microphone


•Mounting Bracket

•Power cable

•User guide

Technical Specifications

Specification  VHF  UHF  

Frequency Range (MHz)  146-174

68-88 (lowband)  403-470  

Power  1-25W  

Channel Spacing (kHz)  12.5/20/25  

No. of Channels  CM140 = 8 / CM160 = 64 / CM340 = 10 /

CM360 = 100  

Dimensions (H x W x D)  44 × 169 × 118mm  

Weight  Approx 1.02kg  

Power Supply  Rechargeable Battery 7.5V  

Current Drain  0.3A (standby)

8A (transmit)  

Environmental  Meets IP54 & Mil-STD 810 C, D, & E. Environmental specifications for vibration, shock, rain, dust & humidity  

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