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Walkie Talkies or Professional Two Way Radio Solutions.

Need to talk? Talk to us! Sussex Communications

Sussex Communications Limited is a licenced two way radio supplier. Providing a range of makes and models including Motorola radios , Icom radios , Kenwood radios , Vertex radios and more models. On offer for sale, 2 way radios including, hand portable walkie talkies, mobile two way radios , fixed base radios , marine two way radios , licence free walkie talkies, batteries, chargers, aerials, antennas, security ear-pieces, headsets, leather or canvas radio cases, desk microphones, speaker microphones. Thank you for taking the time to look at our site, you can click for a quote or you can contact our sales team on 01903 810 366 to discuss your requirements.


Motorola XTR 446 twinpack Licence Free Walkie Talkies

Licence Free Walkie Talkies PMR 446

Licence free PMR 446  walkie talkies - two way radios. Lots to choose from. Basic models to keep in contact with the kids, great for days out, camping, caravanning to professional business uses at an affordable cost.

Earpiece for two way radio communications walkie talkies

Accessories for Walkie Talkies - two way  radios

Walkie talkie security ear-pieces, two way radio headsets,

Motorola earpiece, Icom earpiece, Kenwood earpiece and most other two way radio models. Basic Ear-bud listen only, D shapes, security semi-covert acoustic tube, two and three wire earpieces, bluetooth wireless earpieces.

Two way mobile base radio

Commercial two way radios : Base mobiles

Fixed base mobile two way radio equipment, 2 way radio equipment for vehicles.

Two way radio communications infrastructure including repeaters. Contact our sales team for a bespoke quotation for your needs.

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Hire radio equipment

Great customer service that is what we aim to achieve. Walkie Talkie rental, for a weekend or longer fixed price contracts. Hand portable two way commercial radio handsets for hire on long term hire agreements. Budget two way radios with maintenance package. Professional 2 way radios with headsets and cases programmed and delivered to your door. Our customers love our dedication as we go that extra mile to make sure your communications work for you.  

For Sale

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Contact Dean Clarke to discuss your technical equipment needs.

Contact Sharon Clarke for customer service.